Thursday, February 3, 2022

Our Men (2021) Rendez Vous With French Cinema

This is the story of a squad of French Legionairres stationed in Mali. While they are out on patrol their loved ones are back home trying to pass the time and not go mad from boredom.

I suspect that some people are not going to like this film. It is not an action filled war film but a film which quietly focuses on the lives of the military families.  Its a film very much set on showing us what it's like being either a soldier or one of their loved ones and the complications that ensue. It is not an easy thing to either be a soldier or love one and this film shows us that. 

What is going to mess some people up is when the military is involved people tend to look for something bigger, OUR MEN desn't do that and instead focuses on the human story. When things happen the film cuts away to regular lie with the result we are forced to feel and process things differently than if the cross cut wasn't there.

I was moved

OUR MEN is an unexpected gem, that made me not only feel but truly consider the soldier family connection


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