Saturday, February 19, 2022

Kaiju Kim is being really busy and you should be following her exploits.

I don't know how many of you are aware of Unseen's resident expert on giant monsters Kaiju Kim. She is a much in demand expert who not only has her own YouTube Channel where her weekly talk show, CHILL WITH KAIJU KIM streams live on Sundays at 7pm EST (and it's on Twitch ) but she is also a guest on various podcasts, and You Tube and Twitch channels where the world's giant monster problems are discussed. 

Each week on her own show she has some other expert on giant monsters or related subjects and the pair take what ever film, monster off the board subject they are talking about apart and put it back together.  Supported by viewers on Patreon, the show/channel is a great place to get rational and reasoned discussion about (mostly) kaiju. The fact that it's rational and reasoned  is important because if you haveever waded into the most on-line film discussions of any topic you know much of it is dominated by people who speak loudly and don't have a clue. Kim has clue which is what makes her stand out.She also has a depth of understanding and knowledge that makes tuning into her show always something different. Unlike many other film talk shows Kim doesn't focus just on one aspect of kaiju but branches out into all sorts of interesting areas. You need to start watching her show.

You can find out the state of Kim and her show on her Twitter feed. Its something I highly recommend. There is plenty of kaiju talk but also lots of really fun random stuff, that makes her one of my favorite people on Twitter.

I should also mention that Kim is currently working on a short film called 'CAINOPHOBIA' via her Nuclear Lizard Productions. You can follow production by following the Nuclear Lizard Productions Twitter. And she and her co-conspirators are launching the Nuclear Lizard Productions YouTube Channel (it goes live in April) where they will highlight a great slate of short films. 

And if that if that isn't enough Kim is selling some great Kaiju Kim Merch in her own web store

And on top of all of that Kim is an editor you can hire (go to  KH EDITS for details) 

I don't know where she gets the energy to do everything she does, but somehow she manages-and you need to be following her exploits because not only will you learn something but you'll have a great deal of fun.

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