Monday, November 26, 2012

Rules for Found Footage Films? Help come up with them.

I'm got some reviews in the cue involving found footage films (and specific almost found footage like POVs). Some I liked and some I didn't. In writing up the films, particularly the ones that don't completely work, I find I constantly keep saying to myself that "The films violate the rules of found footage films".


I didn't know there are rules.. there must be since I keep refering to them...but I can't seem to find them anywhere...

Are there rules? I don't know if there are any rules. I know I've talked to a good number of people about the "rules" (pretty much everyone in the side bar) but I don't think that anyone has really seriously codified what a found footage film needs to do to be good. Actually I'm sure some people have written up their own rules, but I'm not too sure that people have taken the pulse of the people and come together to get a consensus as to what the rules are for a good found footage film. 

In order to find a consensus I'm throwing this out to all of you, what do you think are the things that found footage films must always do?How about not do? I know somethings are obvious, and other things are not...but what are these things?

I'm serious tell me what you think the rules should be. Obvious, not so obvious, seemingly off the deep end what do you think makes a good or bad film. I've thrown this out to the other writers here at Unseen as well as to some friends of Unseen Films and I've gotten some very interesting responses, including somethings I never really considered (you'll find out what they are as well as my rules once this project is done).

Tell me what you think, even if it's only to say that you think the whole genre should be flushed..

How can you tell me? Leave a comment below, email me at or tweet at me @unseenfilms .

Once you send me what you think  I'll compile what you tell me and I'll post it in one of my irregular Sunday Nightcap columns either next weekend or the weekend after.

Seriously I want to know, what are you're rules for found footage so the next time I complain about a film violating the rules I can actually refer to someting.

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