Sunday, November 4, 2012

Silent Hill (2006)

The story of a mother looking for her daughter in a place out of time and space, while the father looks for both of them in the here and now.

Strange strange movie that when its firing on all cylinders is a major creep-fest. Things are very weird here and it plays out like a weird mix of Dario Argento's Suspiria and the classic Horror Hotel, where things don't make perfect sense and that makes the proceedings all the more creepy. I can see why people hate this movie and why people love it. If you've never seen those type of movies or don't like them you'll hate this as well.

I mostly liked the film. I have problems with the opening/set up since its neither natural nor does it match up with what comes later. Its the type of thing that made think the whole movie was going to be awkward, but its not. I think on some level they film makers wanted to get things going but weren't sure how to do it or more likely were too anxious to get there. I'd chop out most of the start and begin when they leave the dinner and the cop gives chase, or when they wake up on the road in the fog. But I'm digressing...

The other problem is that there's a chunk of the second half hour thats simply the cinematic equivalent to searching rooms in a video game (the source for this story) and it slows things way way down. Frankly thats the only point where its clear that this a video game. Its tough going. (Actually the movie as good as it is needs trimming, its too long at 127 minutes.)

I like it a great deal. If you're curious try it, just be warned there are some really f-ed up images in this movie.

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