Tuesday, March 31, 2015

a few words on Annie (2014)

Misfired remake of the beloved Broadway classic updates everything to not very good effect.

The film updates the story and has Annie as a cute little orphan who gets picked up by Jamie Foxx as a super rich New York Mayoral candidate needing a bump up in the polls. The ploy works and while Annie thinks she may have found a home Foxx and his crew are only thinking short term. However love comes in unexpected places and soon Foxx is acting as a surrogate father.

Beginning with a throw away piece that that takes the piss out of the original show, the film then moves ahead at breakneck speed through the story but without much weight. The characters are given things to do to move the story long but very little to move the heart. These aren't characters but cardboard cut-outs.

The re-scored songs are very good, I just kind of wish the dance numbers actually amounted to something more than looking like people stumbling around.

The performances are okay considering the weak script but Cameron Diaz is genuinely terrible.

Its not awful enough to be considered a bad film, but its not good enough to be worth bothering with.

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