Friday, March 20, 2015

Chocko has been recording Q&As again : KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER, SEYMOUR AN INTRODUCTION and Champs

Within the last week Chocko has been hitting various film screening where the filmmakers have been in attendance.. He was at th CHAMPS screening at the Village East Cinema, and SEYMOUR  AN INTRODUCTION and KUMIKO THE TREASURE HUNTER at the IFC Center. As he usually does he recorded the Q&As that followed the screenings. I've raided his You Tube channel and present them here for you.

One word of warning the KUMIKO and SEYMOUR sound is not the best. There is something about the IFC Center sound system which makes it difficult to record the sound. Its not just Chocko's problem but most people  I know who've tried it have had problems. I would hesitate to share the clips except this maybe the only chance you get to see these people talk about their films (for example Rinko Kikuchi only did one screening while the Zellners did them all weekend)

With out further adieu I give you post movie Q&As:

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