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Nightcap 3/22/15 UCW on VImeo, festival season amps up, mea culpas and Randi's links

If you still haven't seen ULTIMATE CHRISTIAN WRESTLING, an awesome film about guys who wrestle for Jesus you should go over to Vimeo where it can be streamed for 2.99 for 48 hours or you can buy it for 6.99. Trust me its worth it. I've seen it a couple of time now and its a great film. Its so good that we've run multiple pieces on it as Mondo, talked of the film and to Mr C and myself  talked about the film and to the director Jae-Ho Chang. (If you want to see our coverage go here.)
This year’s NYICFF is done. As always it was a great deal of fun. This year was a tad more low key then in past years. While I got to roughly the same number of films as in past years, I had a great time going to the festival with a lot of friends. This year I got to films with Hubert, Joe Bendel, Randi, John, Bully and Shelly. For me that’s just as good as the films.

The films this year were all good in one way or another. Even the only one I really disliked, Mune, had a killer visual sense that almost made up for a really disastrous plot line. Some of the shorts blew me away with MY BIG BROTHER making me want to go hug my brothers.

This was a great year and I can’t wait for next year
As NYICFF ends we’re getting ready for this year’s Tribeca Film festival. As in past years this looks like it’s going to make a run at killing us (and this year running between locations may actually do it)

I’ll talk more about the goodies at Tribeca closer to time but I will say that we’re looking forward to the appearances of Monty Python and the guys from Riff Trax.

While Tribeca will be devouring most of our time between now and April 26 there are some other festivals fighting for our attention and I have to apologize to them because I don’t know how much time I can give them.

Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real will overlap the start of Tribeca. This is their annual look at documentary and docu-fiction films that are a bit more arty than the norm. I’ve seen a couple of films and I’m hoping to get in a few more before the festival starts.

The annual KINO festival which we covered heavily the last two years is running at the beginning of April just in time to collide with the Easter/Passover Holidays as well as the early Tribeca screenings. There are a few films I’m looking at, as is Mondo so I hope to have some coverage going your way.
If I’m going to be 100% honest I will have to say that part of the problem this year is I’m growing tired of sitting at a computer/TV screen and watching movies. The problem isn’t that I don’t like it, it’s more that life has gotten in the way. The ebb and flow of my day has changed so my ability to just plop down is not as it was.

Part of this is because I have access to the Festival Scope service which means I’m seeing way more festival films this way. It’s great because I don’t need to run into the city but it’s bad because I’m alone in a room watching a movie. I’m tired of being alone and not being social. Movie going is social for me and I’ve stopped being social and I’ve become a hermit much to the detriment of my psyche.

I’m hoping that Tribeca reverses the process.

(I’m also hoping that I run across some truly great films via screeners because most of the films I’ve been seeing this way have not been exciting enough to make me want to keep watching films this way-but that’s another story)
And while I’m offering mea culpas I need to get more coverage going of what’s going on at Brooklyn Academy of Music. They are consistently running some of the best series in New York- and I’ve been remiss in proving coverage.
And now Randi's links:
Asterix art aids victims of  the Chalie Hebdo attack
Polite society's hidden tattoos
The end of The Jinx
Ching Lin Soo posters
world's first photobomb?
Robert Altman reinvented the language of cinema
Restoring early black films without the negatives
From NCIS-Gibbs's Rules
Creepy abandoned film sets
Theater Programs:All Part  of the Performance?
Illinois swears allegiance to COBRA
The Critic who changed our view of cinema
This week we're going back to have some silent films you may not know about but are worth your time.

Since things are going to be a bit crazy for the next few weeks I'm not sure if I'll be gettig to do any nightcaps. If I don't look to have  a mix of old and new for the next few weeks until Tribeca kicks in.. There is going to be our usual selection of  older titles mixed with festival films, some reposts and some new titles.

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