Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nightcap 3/8/15:Festivals. Nimoy, Liar, THe Right One and Randi's links

This has been a busy week. Between the weather here in New York, a weekend fill of New York International Children’s Film Festival screenings and my hunkering down to wade into New Director’s New Films selections I haven’t been able to do much.

The weather has been awful. The NYICFF trips were a blast and NDNF’s films have been better than last year with only two shorts being truly awful and one feature I have no use for. While I will say that I won’t remember most of the films, there are some that you’ll want to search out-which I’ll reveal next weekend when I do the curtain raiser. For now if you look at the selections and are interested give one of them a go.

This week Tribeca announced most of the films they are screening (GO here for the list). As with most years the majority of films are World Premieres so all I can say is there are some intresting sounding titles and some I have no idea.

RIFFTRAX is going to be live which makes me happy.
AN HONEST LIAR opened this week in theaters. I saw the film back at last year’s Tribeca and I think as an introduction to the man and his career it’s very good. As someone who has followed his ups and downs I find that it is lacking at dealing with some of the odd darker questions that have swirled around him over the last 40 years- but considering the film depended on his cooperation it’s not surprising. Ultimately the  film is worth seeing. Look for video from one of the NYC post screening Q&As soon
Still pondering the loss of Leonard Nimoy.

 I wonder if, years ago when he had trouble accepting being tied so closely to Spock, that had he known how greatly he had affected peoples lives he would have been less bothered by it.
I went with Eden to see LET THE RIGHT ONE IN again at St Ann's Warehouse  before it headed off earlier today. Its an amazing theater and the relationship of Oscar and Eli is really something special once you can see it stripped of the stuff around it.

Actually what I'd like is to get Eden to write up her thoughts because we only loosely discussed them during the mad dash to get her to her bus and me to get to Lincoln Center. She picked up all sorts of stuff I completely missed and never considered.
And now Randi's links

A director is suing Cannes for rejecting his film (via John)
Egon Schiele's muse
TS Elliot on Hamlet
Tintin for sale
Jackie Chan created a word?
BBC battling wit Indian officials who didn't want an interview with an unrepentant rapist aired
What scares new aethists
Swear around the world
The problematic scene in BOYHOOD
This week some random films-several off the beaten trail silents

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