Thursday, March 12, 2015

WIld Engine (1915)

An episode of the HAZARDS OF HELEN serial plays like a kick as stand alone. The serial ran for three years, has two women called Helen starring and had 119 episodes.

The version I saw on DVD from Alpha home video appears to have two epsiodes from the series run as one. In the first part Helen is fired from her job a school teacher right before a picnic. Left behind when her student s take a train into the country Helen has to spring into action when a box car full of explosives gets loose and starts careening toward the picnicers. Her job returned to her, Helen refuses and goes to work for the railroad where she has to act quickly to stop an out of control engine.

Its a wild and crazy film and it's clear why the series ran so long. the action is non stop, there is a heroine who kicks ass and the danger is real. I sat staring at my TV  more attentive than I am during most modern  Hollywood Blockbusters- how the hell did they do this stuff and not get killed?

When the film ended I wanted more. I started to hunt down more information on the series and to try and uncover more episodes.

This is great stuff and worth your time to see and run down.

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