Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dead Heat (1988)

Dead Heat is a cheeseball movie. It’s completely aware it’s been done before, that it isn’t anywhere near the greatest film ever made, that it’s light years from Shakespeare-and yet it is a great deal of fun, has a go for it attitude and doesn’t take itself even remotely serious. Had it done so this would have been a steaming pile of poo, instead it’s just a great popcorn film.

The plot of the film has police detective Treat Williams and Joe Piscapo chasing after someone using zombies to commit crimes. When things go wrong and Williams is killed Piscapo uses a resurrection machine to bring Williams back from the dead to help catch his killers and the bad guy. As with all these stories there is only a limited amount of time before Williams is gone for good.

This is over the top action, some blood, some guts and lots of smart ass remarks. This is some good actors just ripping into some low brow material and just having a good time. You can feel the actors good time bleeding off the screen so you have a good time.

Is it high art?

Oh hell no, but it is a good time. You either buy the nonsense and have a good time or you don’t and then you have a good time providing a running commentary.

This is just bloody gory silly fun and if you can go with its brain dead vibe Dead Heat is a great deal of fun

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