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Nightcap 4/9/17 BOSNIAN-HERZEGOVINIAN FILM FESTIVAL starts Thursday, this past Karloff week, Lego Batman, Kong Skull Island and Randi's links

BOSNIAN-HERZEGOVINIAN FILM FESTIVAL starts Thursday and you need to go. While they festival always screens great films, the reason you need to go is that everyone connected to it is utterly charming. Several years ago Joe Bendel began to twist my arm insisting that I had to cover the fest not remotely with screener but in person. I had to meet the people running the festival. I bought a ticket and met Joe at the festival…

And the most amazing thing happened- I fell in love with the festival And the people. Walking into the festival Joe was greeted as a long lost brother. Long conversations happened as people kept coming up to Je to say hi. Everyone was engaging everyone and it all felt like an old home week. It was like coming home to the family you never knew you had hidden away. I’ve been back every year since then.

To be honest the problem with the festival over the last few years is that it had been bouncing around from location to location and the calendar. The festival tended to collide with other festivals or in the case of this year- holidays. The fest runs in the days leading up to Easter which makes my coverage tough since I have to bounce it around family commitments. But just because I’m not camping out doesn’t mean there won’t be coverage. I’ve seen one film already and I’m hoping to get to one or two more during the festival.

If you can you should make an effort to go to the festival. It doesn’t really matter what you pick since the films they schedule are pretty much great across the board- you just have to go so you can meet some truly great people

For more information and tickets go here.
I think I confused some new readers by having a week of Boris Karloff films. Apologies if one was confused but newer readers should know that Unseen FIlms was started to highlight films from all eras.

The Karloff wek was the result of being buried with films from Tribeca. We're going to have tons of coverage of one of our favorite fests but in order to do it we have to trim away some of the newer films. Not to worry we've got tons of new releases coming this week and tons of festival coverage in the following weeks.
This week in addition to see a lot of films for Tribeca I saw LEGO BATMAN.

Yes I'm way behind on this but it fell into my lap as an alternative luncheon date.

I won't get into details, but I liked it. I didnt love it. The problem was a couple of jokes had been told to me and the fact that the film was so well thought out that many of the jokes were intellectually brilliant but didn't hit me in the funny bone. I laughed but not enough as I would have wanted.

On the other hand any film that has Batman fighting Daleks is cool with me.
I saw KONG SKULL ISLAND this week as well.

I loved the film. This  is the film that Peter Jackson should have done. A beautiful marriage of old school monsters and new school technology the film is just a great deal of fun.

One of the things I loved about the film is the sense that Skull Island is a place. You have a feeling that the place exists and it all bleeds off the screen. Not everything is explained- just enough is and it makes it all real.

I have no idea if it will go off the rails down the road in other films but as of right now it's pretty cool.
Randi's Links
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