Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hitler of the Andes

HITLER OF THE ANDES is a nifty little film from the British Channel 4 that is currently on Netflix. The film takes a look at the notion that Hitler survived the war and was being looked after by western fascists.

Beginning with the last days of the war the film charts the fall of Germany and what we know about the end days. It then explains why the notion that Hitler survived the war is floating around, taking into account the fact the Soviets were not forth coming with details that they had found a dead Hitler, the fact they were intentionally muddying the waters (multiple dead Hitlers), the fact so many Nazi’s escaped as well as the fact that thee is supposed eye witness testimony of people seeing him in South America. It also goes into how the Police Gazette stoked the fires in America which then gave itself more fodder to feed the flames as readers wrote them with their own stories.

While not going into great detail of all of the stories the film gives us enough information to draw our own conclusions and understand why some people think it was possible Hitler escaped. While I’m reasonably certain that Hitler died in Berlin there are a few intriguing tidbits – the maid’s story- that maybe he didn’t.

I really liked this short little film.

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