Tuesday, September 15, 2020

DTF hits VOD today

Filmmaker Al Bailey follows along for a year and a half as his friend Christian, a recent widow and long distance pilot decides to look for love or at least a lay over via Tinder and other on-line apps. The result is a decent into obsession that threatens to break the friendship.

I am really mixed on this film. While part of me wanted to watch the road accident of the Tinder journey before me, part of me wanted to try and figure out what I was supposed to be getting out of the weird turns on screen other than watching a life go sideways. Frankly I really didn’t care. I was fascinated but I never really cared

I suspect a huge part of my disconnect is due to the conceit of the film, which is to have Christian blurred and his voice altered. How can I connect with a guy I have no visual or vocal clues from. I can’t begin to suss out what he is really about when I have no idea what his expressions are or what his real vocal inflections are. While I understand it had to be done so the film could be shown, it made the film damn near impossible to connect to because we are watching a block of plastic.

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