Monday, September 14, 2020

Residue (2020) hits theaters/Netflix Thursday

Returning home to write a script Jay finds his home town of Washington DC gentrifying. Friends are gone. Those people he knew refuse to really say what happened. As Jay ties to come to grips with what his neighborhood has become he struggles to also come to terms with his past.

Singular look at gentrification, race and the upheavals of society RESIDUE is one of the best films at Slamdance. Director Merawi Gerima has created one of the most haunting films you are going to see all year. It is not just that Gerima is telling a tale that will move you and make you think, rather it is the creation of a headspace through a unique and visceral visual and aural style that rocks our world. We are in Jay's head and we are in his heart and through Gerima's masterful storytelling we have the tale burned into our own heads and hearts.

I have no idea what Merwai Gerima is going to do next- but I absolutely want to be there to see what it is.

An absolute must see

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