Monday, September 28, 2020

Herb Alpert is...(2020) a must

I have no idea what to say except this film is an absolute blast. A loving tribute to the man and his life this is two hours with the man and his music.

Oh yea, at this point you’re wondering where the deep conversation about the film is. Where is the critical analysis? There is none. This is a film you either love with all your heart or you’re simply dead inside.. Alpert is a cool dude who makes great music and art anything else is irrelevant.

There is no deep dark secrets. There is no tales that will change his legacy, there is only a man and his friends and his family talking about his life while we listen to the music he made either as the leader of his own band or as a producer. And considering all the hits be was part of this is the soundtrack of the last 60 plus years.

Again this film is a blast- which is all you need to know- so buy a ticket and enjoy

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