Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Asian American International FIlm Festival starts Thursday and runs until the 11th

The always excellent Asian American International Film Festival starts Thursday bringing its wonderful films to us. For over 40 year the festival has highlighted some of the best Asian American and Asian films around.  While they are not as big and flashy as some other festivals they have never failed to deliver the goods .In this age of Covid when so many festivals are faltering or needing to skip a year AAIFF has collected an excellent  group of films to share with you.

I know the films are excellent because I've seen a number of them. Some, like the list below we've covered previously. Others the festival  allowed me to see before hand. All are worth your time 

Because I've covered so many other fests I ran into some of the AAIFF selections previously. Here are the films I've covered:

This week I will be running a number of reviews closer to the start the festival.(Almost all the films are available to screen starting Thursday and all through the festival)

I was allowed access to two films playing AAIFF on the condition that I only briefly mention the films now and review them later on down the line when they get a full on release to theaters or VOD.

In MONSOON a Vietnamese man from England (he fled with his family when he was six) returns to the country of his birth in order  return his parents ashes. Along the way he contemplates his past and his future. Much deeper and satisfying than I just made it sound, MONSOON is a film of small moments and big characters. It is a film that will stay around in your head for days after you see it. It is recommended.

TWILIGHT'S KISS (aka SUK SUK) is about two older closeted gay men who meet and begin an affair in Hong Kong. It is a lovely little film about the perils of growing old and the realization that no matter how old we get we often are always struggling to be who we are inside. If you want to see a small gem it is recommended.

I now leave it up to you to go to the AAIFF website, search their film and special event list and buy some tickets. Trust me, it is all good so you won't be disappointed.

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