Monday, September 14, 2020

The New York Film Festival Starts Thursday

If you didn't know the New York Film Festival is happening starting Thursday and it runs for a whole month, ending October 10th. (It's starting 2 weeks early because they are going virtual)

The festival this year is a combination of online offerings and drive-in showings in Brooklyn and Queens. Virtual films are available for either 4 hours or several days. (You have to check each film but the big films are going to have short windows) The Drive-in screenings are single showings.

And this year Unseen Films is going to once again going to be covering....

And that's all I can say at this point.

Where normally I would be running a curtain raiser talking about the films they are running and what you have to see, but because of the way they are screening films I haven't seen anything outside of some of the revivals. As it stand now we critics are only getting a short window before the films go live to the public to screen the films. As a result our reviews are going to be going up right about the time the films go up for you to see. Additionally since I don't know how this is going to work, I'm not certain what our coverage is going to look like or how many films we will cover or what we will cover since some films are not screening for the press.

For now what I suggest is go over the the NYFF website and look around and pick some movies.

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