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FESTIVAL OF CINEMA NYC 2020 FILM SCHEDULE AND LINEUP Oct. 1-4, 2020 at St. John’s University, Queens Campus

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 7pm - 9pm, Opening Night - Short Films from NYC

Dir. Nicola Rose, USA, 14 min.

When 13-year-old Gabrielle takes her first ballet class, she encounters both bullying from her teacher and true friendship where she least expects it.

Secret Feminism
Dir. Shara Ashley Zeiger, USA, 5 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

Two feminists, Stella and Maggie, up to no good, sneak off to the woods to be "nasty women."

Dir. Michael Cutrone, USA, 16 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

A recovering addict named Kam struggles to stay clean with the help of his new friend Johnny. When they meet another addict named Evan, things take a dramatic turn.

Extra Innings
Dir. John Gray , USA, 9 min.

An aggressive sports reporter interviews the manager (played by Peter Riegert) of the Boston Red Sox in an attempt to uncover secrets from his past.

Dorris 85
Dir. Grace Philips, USA, 12 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

While trying to maintain composure and a sense of normalcy in a tough situation, Dorris Havemeyer struggles to keep up her spirits while celebrating a significant birthday.

The Reception
Dir. Sean Sakamoto, USA, 12 min. WORLD PREMIERE

Two men (played by Richard Kind and Skipp Sudduth) sit across each other in a bunker. Their sons were killed that day at their wedding. As mortars draw ever closer, the two bond over the memory of their sons and remember how sweet they were in the moments before they died.

Doesn't Fall Far
Dir. Joshua Michael Payne, USA, 15 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

A father and a son each have a secret. When both secrets come to light in the span of an evening, the two men must decide how to move forward in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Starring Oscar and 3x Golden Globe Nominee Eric Roberts.

I'm Not Lost
Dir. Tom Capps, USA, 11 min.

Lyndsay can’t find her way without her smartphone. Maybe some strangers on the streets of NYC can help?

Petty Cash
Dir. Matt Simon, USA, 12 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

Jackie, a cash-strapped bartender working at an Upstate New York casino, navigates a difficult work environment while saving for school. When her estranged brother asks for a favor, she must make a decision that will change both of their lives forever.

Trilo & Suede
Dir. Ophir Ariel and Ryan Collins, USA, 4 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

A film noir parody web series featuring a ventriloquist/detective and his wooden partner. It is set in Brooklyn, New York City, Episode One of ten weekly episodes was released on January 1, 2020. Season Two will be released in fall, 2020. The series is created, written and executive produced by real-life ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner, who also plays the title roles.

A  New Chapter
Dir. Susanna Wolk, USA, 10 min., WORLD PREMIERE

Tensions reach a boiling point when an overbearing mother visits her postpartum daughter.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 7pm - 9pm, BLOCK 2 - Crime Capers

Stealing Chaplin
Dir. Paul Tanter, USA and Canada, 102 min. WORLD PREMIERE

Two British petty criminals dig up and attempt to ransom Charlie Chaplin’ss body in a desperate bid to escape the life they are trapped in.

Dir. Carlyn Hudson, USA, 11 min. NEW YORK PREMIERE

Kerry is at a sleepover with the socially awkward, mysteriously orphaned heiress Katie. Friendship--in a society that grows ever isolating--is explored as Kerry learns the hard way that Katie always gets what she wants.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 10pm - 12am, BLOCK 3 - Late Night Thrillers

Goodbye Honey
Dir. Max Strand, USA, 96 min. EAST COAST PREMIERE

After escaping abduction, a frantic woman must coerce an exhausted truck driver to hide in the back of her truck overnight. The two women take refuge not knowing what the rest of the night has in store.

The Keeper
Dir. Bob Celli, USA, 14 min. QUEENS PREMIERE
A lonely widow. A collector of art. A speed dating event. Two people make a palpable connection. Longing and obsession are closer than you think.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 7pm - 9pm, BLOCK 4 - A Night of Animation

Dir. Kirby Atkins, Canada, 97 min. NEW YORK PREMIERE

MOSLEY follows a species of creatures known as "thoriphants" who rebel against their life of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey to find the fabled city of Uprights. Starring the voices of Lucy Lawless, John Rhys-Davies, Rhys Darby and Temuera Morrison.

Dir. Sean Pointing, Australia, 2 min.

An origin story of sorts, this film shows a young boy's discovery of incredible and dangerous superpowers. But to be truly brilliant, he'll have to accept himself first.

Tobi and the Turbobus
Dir. Verena Fels and Marc Angele, Germany, 7 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

You fly with no seat! That's the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 10pm - 12am, BLOCK 5 - Shorts from around the World

Dir. Janina Gavankar, Russo Schelling, USA, 17 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

An agoraphobic woman finds a suspicious, hollow wall in her house.

The Doe (La Biche)


Dir. Jennifer Lumbroso, France, 18 min. NEW YORK PREMIERE

Helene is spending what seems to be a romantic weekend in French countryside until she has an argument with her lover and gets furious. She decides to flee away and finds herself into rural landscapes, clueless. Nature takes back its rights. The hunt is open. Helene becomes the doe.

Dir. Nora Jaenicke, USA, 10 min.

PROOF is a film about a young couple that celebrates their love and their individual and shared struggles, in a world where immigration becomes an increasingly polarized and polarizing societal issue.

Hello, Say
Dir. Guy Zimmerman, USA, 20 min. WORLD PREMIERE

Hello, Say is a short film about psychotic billionaires and pissed off bees. The story unfolds during a home invasion gone wrong.

If We Had Tomorrow
Dir. Anastasiya Yevchenko, Ukraine, 15 min, EAST COAST PREMIERE

A soldier is sitting in the trenches and looking at the flame of his lighter. The flame is coming from a candle now where two people are having their first date. We observe a short sequence of their romance. Suddenly, an explosion occurs - we understand that all the memories that he had were imaginary.

The Butterfly Love Song
Dir. Luke Morgan, USA, 14 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

Mervue, 1983. Everyone (including the animals in his beloved Amazon rainforest documentaries) is out to get Seamus. So, when the formidable Block twins call around to his house and order him to take their sister Lucy (the most popular girl in the school) to the school hop, Seamus starts to panic.

The Boy Who Wanted To Fly
Dir. Jorge Muriel, SPAIN, 20 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

In the Madrid of the 80s, Ivan, a five-year-old boy, is confronted with the birth of a new brother. His sister is dad’s favorite, the newborn is mom’s favorite. Which place does he take in this new situation? What if he could fly and escape?

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 7pm - 9pm, BLOCK 6 - A Look at Our World

Higher Love
Dir. Hasan Oswald, USA, 78 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

A blue-collar father tries to rescue his pregnant, heroin-addicted girlfriend from the dangerous streets of Camden, NJ. Once their son is born, a new journey begins for the fate of the baby and the family’s sobriety that may split them apart forever.

In Human Kind
Dir. Juancho Rodriguez, USA, 15 min. NEW YORK PREMIERE

Director Juancho Rodriguez takes us on a journey that demystifies the very real dangers of human trafficking and its explosive blooming within one of the most visited cities in the United States.

The Difference
Dir. Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, USA, 13 min. QUEENS PREMIERE

In collaboration with the Holistic Life Foundation of Baltimore, the film explores how we can provide all children with accessible, inherent tools so they live and thrive rather than struggle to survive - tools such as yoga, meditation, breath-work, mindfulness, self-care techniques and music. Ultimately, despite the external chaos that may be occurring, the children realize.

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