Friday, April 16, 2021

A brief look at One Grave For Three Men (2021) Fantasposa 2021 (Brief because you just need to see it)


I knew nothing about the film before watching it and I am so glad. This is a twisty crime comedy cum a few things I can't mention lest I give stuff away that goes off in all sorts of unexpected directions. Trust me on this one, the less you know the better.

The basic plot has a mob soldier getting pulled out of bed by two compatriots. The boss wants him to clean up a mess (ie remove someone) ASAP. The trouble is he is on vacation, or was. He goes off with his friends to take care of the problem and then it all goes horribly wrong. Every turn causes ripples and complications

I laughed uncomfortably at every turn of the screws. I also delighted at every unexpected turn of the plot. I had no clue where this was going. I only had a sense that it was going to get worse  before it ended.

What an absolute joy.

This is one of the films I am always hoping to find- something coming out of nowhere and surprising the hell out of me. This is why I continue  doing Unseen Films.

One of the great finds of the year.

Highly recommended.

(And no I am not going to say more because you have to see the twists for yourself)

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