Sunday, April 25, 2021

We are Radical Monarchs plays Ovid.TV April 27

This is a capsule review I ran wen the film played DOC NYC

When the local Girls Scout troop was found not to be focusing on social justice issues the way two moms thought they should, they started their own organization in order to teach their girls to fight the good fight. Glorious portrait of a group of girls and their moms who are fighting the good fight. 

This is a hopeful look at the net generation of social justice warriors who are going to change the world that we all live in. Showing the good that the girls are doing, and not shying away from the misguided hate thrown their way (some people don't like the idea of kids fighting for social causes) the film will give you hope that maybe things can be fixed and that change will come. This is 100 minutes with great people.

Highly recommended.

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