Sunday, April 18, 2021

Love Affair (2020) plays Focus on French Cinema April 20


A woman on holiday is left to entertain her husband's cousin for several days after he is called away on an emergency. Over the course of the time the to become close as ty tell each other stories of their lives.

Small gem of a film highlights how we end up connecting to each other, through the stories we tell. The stories here are of loves and the result is a rich fabric of human experience. The tales told are an intriguing mix performed by a great cast.

I now this isn't much of a review but this is a story about stories and how they work and what they mean really depends upon how thy push up against each other. For me to start to relate all of the details that influence the film might result  in you getting a false impression or lessen the films impact.

For money money just buy a ticket and take a ride. You will be glad you did.

The film plays Focus on French Cinema April 20th for 24 hours.

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