Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Gold Coast Film Festival goes into high gear Tuesday- go buy tickets

Another year and another Gold Coast Film Festival- the only festival taking place minutes from the Unseen Films headquarters.

As with every other year it reveals itself to be a neat little collection of films that no one on Long Island is running. It’s a collection of some of the best documentaries and narrative features that have been appearing across the globe.

I’m trying to grab my dad and go see a couple of the films in person because I still haven’t seen THE GREAT BUSTER nor THE LAST RACE. There are a few others I haven’t seen but my schedule won’t allow me to see more than that (and maybe take my niece to the kids day workshop).

While the festival officially started this past Friday it doesn’t really get going until Tuesday when the festival begins screening daily until the 13th.

This is great stuff and if you are anywhere near the North Shore of Nassau County on Long Island I suggest to make an effort to go see something.

If you want some help in trying to find something to see (it’s pretty much all good) here are links to the films we’ve reviewed:

306 Hollywood
Bathtubs Over Broadway – an unexpected gem of a film about industrial musicals. This is just a ton of fun
General Magic
Howard – This is a portrait of Howard Ashman who wrote some the greatest Disney musicals. I dare you not to get weepy
The Invisibles
Science Fair – This is almost certainly to get an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary
Song of Back and Neck- Don’t let the title fool you this is a great little comedy with romance- seriously I don’t know anyone who has seen it that didn’t love it
Yellow is Forbidden

More information and tickets can be found here.

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