Friday, May 3, 2019

A quick report on today at Tribeca. or big business, medicine, Patty Hearst fiction, Grandma and porno

I saw five films today. I disliked one, liked one, and really liked three.

WHAT WILL BECOME OF US is a portrait of Frank Lowry . Lowry is the CEO of real estate mega company Westfield. The film follows Lowry as he considers selling his company and reflects back on his life during the Holocaust, helping to found Israel, and becoming a titan of business in Australia. A good portrait of the man I don't have much to say other than the film is worth a look.

I AM HUMAN disappointed. This look at our ability to interface our brains with technology is a "rah rah" promotional film for the wonders that await us when we get it all right. While I am fascinated with the possibilities I'm not a fan of this film which is too in love with its subject and drawn out to be interesting.

AMERICAN WOMAN will get a full review soon. A solid drama/thriller based on the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, its a memory tale about a woman hired to take care of terrorists on the run. It has some great stuff going on here.

LUCKY GRANDMA feels like a film from Taiwan or Hong Kong but made in NYC. The story of a grandmother with a run of odd luck  the film is one of the must sees at Tribeca. I'll have a full review in a day or so.

CIRCUS OF BOOKS is going to be worth your time when it hits Netflix. I'll have a full review but this look at the directors family which owner an adult gay book store is absolutely charming in the most unexpected ways. I really liked it.

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