Friday, May 3, 2019

Two Tribeca films I'm not reviewing...

Earlier this week I saw a pair of films at Tribeca and I was forced stepped out of them  making it hard to really review them. However I did want to note a couple of things about them.

INITIALS SG is a comedy of sorts about an actor who finds himself in a series of things he wants no part of including a romance. A nice  little comedy the plan was to watch a little bit of the film and then get one of the others at Unseen to see a later screening. That never happened and as a result I am left with a film unfinished that I really need to see the end of.

I went into DREAMLAND to kill time. I wanted to see a film that started before it ended but didn't want to just sit around waiting doing nothing so I popped in hoping that it wasn't good enough that I wanted to stay and thus feel no guilt when I left the theater to see something else.... well what I saw of it was really good and now I need to wait until the film comes out so I can see how it all ends.

While none of this should be considered an actual review I did want to mention them if you were interested in seeing them.

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