Friday, May 31, 2019

Renegade Dreamers (2019)

The work protesting the injustices of modern society by artists like Woody Gutherie, Alan Ginsberg Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan did not end with their death or the passage of time, but continued on to this day. The mantle has been picked up by new generations who use art to change the world.

I mostly like  Renegade Dreamers. I do love the film and it’s portrait of protest through art, music and poetry across generations. I love  the historical sections (which are beautifully put together) , and  the art we see and hear (which is wonderful). The film as a historical record of protest is gangbusters.

For me the problem is I don't really care for one of the people profiled in the film seems to be playing way too much to the camera as if he has to puff himself up for the camera. Yes, his art is vibrant and alive but there is something about him that kept me from fully connecting to the film whenever he was on screen.

My personal reservations aside the film is worth seeing because the history is so good.

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