Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Unholy ‘Mole (2019)

Director David Bornstein needs to be locked up. He needs to go somewhere he can never hurt anyone…I still want him to make movies…oh how I want him to continue to make movies.. I just want someone this sick and twisted to go somewhere safe…

The reason I’m saying this is that Bornstein is back at it after A King's Betrayal, which was about the life of a piñata from the piñata’s POV, with Unholy ‘Mole, which is the story of a man who really really wants his wife to make him some guacamole and the steps he takes to have her do it.

I was deeply disturbed by this film. I mean what happens could be in the dictionary under the term wrong. Clearly Bornstein knows no boundaries, and if you need proof consider that even as I was feeling bothered I was laughing uncontrollably. Yes, Bornstein once again is working in the sweet spot where laughter meets horror and we are better for it.

This is a grand jewel of a film. As if Bornstein’s previous films weren’t enough of a calling card this film should put him on the radar of someone who has money for a feature film. And based on what we see here, with killer effects, great performances, an awesome script  and perfect unrecognizable vocal work by Ray Wise, the thought of giving Bornstein a feature budget could be a good thing.

But I am digressing….

Soon to hit the festival circuit, where I am certain it will be a big hit, Holy ‘Mole is must see for anyone who likes horror or has a love of twisted humor. I can’t recommend it enough. It is one of the very best films of any length I've seen in 2019.

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