Saturday, July 20, 2019


I posted this review as part of a piece on the film playing next week in Brooklyn, but this film is too good to be just part of a twofer  so here is a repost of just the review of MISS FREELANCE which has a star making performance by Maddy Murphy and the best work I've seen to date from the incredible Tim Cox (which tells you how good this is)
MISS FREELANCE is a gut punch. Containing a series of sterling performances, it may be the best thing I’ve seen Timothy Cox do by a lot, and it is a soul crushing debut of Maddy Murphy that should put her on the radar of everyone, it is a film that must be seen and experienced.

The film is a series of encounters Murphy has with various men. Most of them pay her for company or sex. She seemingly doesn’t need a normal relationship, or so she tells Tim Cox, giving his best performance, in a heart breaking scene. However since we observe her over the course of the film we realize that might not be the case.

A film of carefully chosen words, silences and old radio shows, MISS FREELANCE is a film that seems simple and straight forward until it’s not. Somewhere about half way in things begin to turn and our hearts melt and break. We realize that we are not in Kansas but the landscape of someone who isn’t being wholly honest to herself. There is more than we first thought and it’s all behind Murphy‘s eyes. I was so shocked at what I was seeing that when I realized what the landscape really was I knew that I would have to watch the film again because I know I missed stuff at the start. The result was even more heartbreaking.

MISS FREELANCE is a small masterpiece. It is a must see. The performances by everyone involved deserve to be studied. More importantly Maddy Murphy needs to be noticed and become a star.

I can’t recommend this film enough.

MISS FREELANCE  plays at Entholigy Film Screenings in Brooklyn on July 25th. Go buy tickets

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