Friday, July 26, 2019

Shinya Tsukamoto receives the Cut Above Award at Japan Cuts 2019 and the post KILLING screening Q&A

On July 24th before the Japan Cuts screening of his film KILLING director Shinya Tsukamoto received the Cut Above Award. Given by the Japan Society to a filmmaker whose work changed cinema.  There is no doubt that Tsukamoto's TETSUO THE IRON MAN changed everything after it as his work influenced a generation of filmmakers who were moved to make movies by his work.

Of course Tsukamoto was not a one hit wonder as films such as GEMINI, SNAKE OF JUNE, the NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE films and FIRES ON THE PLAIN made people think and feel things they never felt before.

Here is the ceremony where Tsukamoto received his well deserved award. It was a lovely evening and the master was genuinely  thrilled to be getting the award, which I think is clear in how he jokes.

After the ceremony Tsukamoto's film the KILLING was screened. It is a gut punch. (Nate Hood's review is here) The film is a meditation on violence and its cost and  it had the audience at the Japan Society, gasping, moaning and not looking at the screen.

After the film Tsukamoto sat down for an extended Q&A.  Because of the length of the talk the Q&A is in two parts. The question at the end of the first part is answered on  the second.

I should also war you the sound is a bit hissy, for which apologize, I was in the middle of the audience so it was an unfortunate result. Please bear with it because what is said is very informative about not only KILLING but also his other films as well.

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