Thursday, April 30, 2020

Among Them (2018) is a huge WTF?

After a bank robbery two robbers head to motel in a sleepy little seaside town. Their contact is supposed to be coming and they just have to wait until he arrives. But things are not that easy, the contact is has gone off the grid, there is a woman bound and gagged in the trunk of their car and weird things are beginning to happen.

Huge WTF film is something you are either going to accept or one that is going to leave you scratching your head.  I'm in the head scratching mode  since after about a half an hour I felt totally lost. There are flashbacks, we are left out of some events,strange things happen and a couple of times things happen that make you wonder what planet these people are on (for example there is an early scene with the characters talking where no one sees the hotel clerk is looking in through the window. Really? You're looking straight at him).

This is weird for weird's sake to such an extent that by the denouncement came I really didn't care. That is a shame because if you remove the script this is a solid little film, It looks good, the cast is top notch and basic idea has possibilities.  I just wish the filmmakers hadn't thought this was the best way to go with the material.

While not bad, this really isn't all that hot. This is probably best for anyone who likes head trippy films that make you wonder but provide no answers.

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