Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Red Rover (2020)

Put upon geek Damon meets free spirit Phoebe when she is handing out fliers for the Red Rover project, a one way trip to Mars. Damon is smitten by both the project, which he sees as an escape from his crappy existence and by the girl who seems to be the bubbly person he needs in his life. As the friendship grows and he tries to get on the trip to Mars Damon isn't sure which is the right direction for his life...

Strip away the uneven mix of people around Damon and Phoebe and you have a sweet little rom com. While the bosses, brothers and ex girlfriends are drawn as if they were cartoons, Damon and Phoebe remain real and wonderful. God bless Kristian Bruun and Cara Gee for giving us two wonderful charmers we can fall for.

This is a small dimond in the rough and recommended when it hit VOD on Friday

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