Friday, April 17, 2020

Thoughts on three Tribeca Shorts : CRESENDO, CRU-RAW and BLACK GHOST SON

Opera singer (Michael Fabiano) talks about his love of music and coming out...
Short, sweet and magnificent.
That's all you need to know other than you need to have a tissue ready

A young chef learns about the pain of bein in a kitchen.
Okay short film hits every kitchen cliche in its ten minutes run time. Its not bad but it is too much like a thousand other films.

An Asian father realizes that he may not have the tools to help his mixed race son cope.
Way too short film needs to be opened up into a feature. Dealing with issues that I may not have seen in a film before  this little film has a glorious lived in quality that most films of any length don't have. This film is a stunner and it's only flaw is that it is too short to due justice to the themes it seeks to explore.

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