Wednesday, April 15, 2020

My Wonderful Wanda (2020) Tribeca 2020

Wanda is a Polish national providing care for the bedridden head of the Wegmeister-Gloor family. The money she makes she sends back to her family in Poland. The son has eyes for Wanda but she has interests elsewhere. When she become pregnant with the patriarch's child complications arise.

This drama about the expectations of a family when confronted with the reality of life is very good. I mention that the film is a drama because some of the material connected to the film made it seem like it would be a bit lighter than it is. Not that I minded, with a great cast and great writing I'm happy to watch anything.

The cast is first rate. One of favorite actresses Marthe Keller plays the family matriarch and it is so good to see her having a big meaty role. She is matched by pretty much everyone else especially --- as Wanda who makes us feel the ups and downs of her life.

Also give the film points for not turning everything into a typical soap opera. The complications of the story feel real and not contrived. Reactions run much closer to reality. THings are not black and white but shades of grey.

This is a small gem of a film I look forward to revisiting down the road.

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