Saturday, April 18, 2020

More short thoughts on short Tribeca films: AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS, BACKSLIDERS, BETRAYAL and THE CATCH

Part of a series of films that gets behind a picture that was featured on the Awkward Family Photo website. An amusing look at one family photo that kind of runs out of steam about half way in. I personally didn't need to know this much about the family featured, especially since the photo isn't as loopy as others on the website.

Documentary narrative hybrid about the directors trying to come to terms with life and their Christian upbringing.
Thank you no. I will take a pass and try to get my 15 minutes back.
A less snarky take is I don't really see how it's a hybrid other than it takes in bits of their thoughts. Largely this is just two people going through their lives, masturbating, seeing Jesus and arguing about whether Spanish on religious candles is really black magic. It's more dumb than bad as a result of trying way too hard.

A son whose father left his family behind the Iron Curtain finds a goodbye letter penned by his dad. An intriguing story unevenly told. Part of it is that this is a story that could fill a feature instead of a short and part of it is that the subject of the film is hesitant to talk about his dad (He says he's not sure he wants to know more about him). The result is a film that is full of questions left unanswered.

Married trapeze artists have a crisis just before an important performance. Well made and well acted short film is kind of too long for what it is. We've been here before and despite running only 15 minutes the payoff isn't enough to justify even that run time.

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