Saturday, April 25, 2020

Call Your Mother (2020) Tribeca 2020

Some mother's just can't resist being a smart ass
Loving portrait of comedians and their relationships with their mothers. Told through a series of interviews, performances and sit downs with the moms.

Touching and at times wickedly funny celebration of the moms who served as the inspiration for people like Louie Anderson, Jim Norton, Judy Gold, David Spade, Kristen Schaal, Awkwafina, Roy Wood and Bobby Lee. We get to see how in many cases the apple didn't fall from the tree and that much of their material was stolen from their moms.

I laughed at most of this film. The jokes and love came fast and furious. The love bleeding off the screen. The one thing I didn't find funny absolutely wrecked me and that was Judy Gold talking about the last conversation she had with her mom. It was a variation of a running gag I had with my mom  about who loved the other more. Seeing it on what would have been my mom's 76th Birthday effectively destroyed me.

This is a sweet little film and it is recommended to anyone with a mother and a funny bone.

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