Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Announcing #WatchTheUnseen

With everyone locked away, how about doing an Unseen Films watch party? The idea is that we should all view a film at the same time and drop running comments on social media, sort of a MST3K for Unseen family, friends, and fans.

Accordingly, we want to focus on a film that isn't well known but is still going to be fun and provoke commentary. The goal is to strike a balance between something we can enjoy, something we can comment on, and yet something not everyone has seen or riffed on endlessly elsewhere.

Below are the three films we are going to make the selection from. Your vote will decide, so look for an upcoming poll on our @unseenfilms Twitter account.

Neutron Vs the Amazing  Dr Caronte

This is the third in the Neutron series. Tangentially related to the masked wrestler films that came from Mexico, this flick has the supposedly dead Dr. Caronte coming back to haunt the masked hero Neutron and his friends as he attempts to take over the world. You don't need to have seen the first films since this film is so out there.

Ship of Monsters

Mexican scifi madness as a ship of monsters lands and causes problems. The link should take you to right before where the monsters show up in force (about 43 minutes in). This film is crazy, to put it mildly. (Click on the closed captions for subtitles.)

The Brain Eaters

Robert Heinlein's Puppet Masters is turned into a schlocky scifi film about dustballs with pipe cleaner antennae trying to take over the world. It’s a breezy hour of insanity with a supporting role for Leonard Nimoy.

So please head over to The Unseen Films Twitter page to let us know which film tickles your fancy, and we'll set up the first #WatchTheUnseen party for early May. Thanks.

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