Thursday, April 16, 2020

Short thoughts on some Tribeca 2020 Shorts: CIRCUS PERSON, FRIENDS, GRANDDAD WAS A ROMANTIC, and ONE LAST HEIST

A woman joins a circus to get over her fiance leaving her for a woman  named Luna.
Good little film is more more impressive for the visuals then for the story. There isn't much here we haven't  seen story wise. However the images, use of animation and other visual tools by the film when coupled with a wonderful score makes this a wonderful tale of self empowerment

The relationship between a regular sized person and a giant. This is a beautifully animated trifle.

The story of a young girls granddad who fell in love with grand ma just by looking at her picture.
For the most part this film is interesting because of the visual. the images look like paintings or drawings. The visual texture is totally unique and a must see. I adored it.
While the narrative is waiver thin- the climax and closing line is what will hang with you and the reason I am recommending this film.

I saw this as part of  the horror fest Blood In The Snow Canada last year and I loved it
A heist has unexpected romantic complications. A wonderfully charming heist film has me wondering what it is doing at a horror fest-but then again its just so damn good who the hell cares since it is such an absolute blast.

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