Saturday, April 18, 2020


Wonderful portrait of of the Drag Queen Story Hours that are happening across the country. The film highlights the performers who read the books for kids, shows us what happens during the story time and touches on the protests that the events inspire.

This is a great explanation of why these events are really no big deal (as one lady says the kids simply take them at face value)  and why the protesters worrying about gender fluidity is more than a bit nuts.  There is nothing sinister here just children's stories and songs.

I was moved to tears

This is a great film that really should be turned into a feature. We need to spend more time with the ladies who read. We could also use a bit more of a look into the protest beyond some passing shots of people standing around and one quick shot of a lady saying we have to go back to the way the creator intended. And we need more images of the kids not being upset, not being indoctrinated, not being anything except being entertained. We need a bigger version of this film so that it s more likely to be seen and people will calm down and simply take it to be what it was meant to be, namely a good time for all.

Though if you want the absolute truth I want a feature because I want to have more footage of these the storytimes. Sue me, I'm a sucker for a well read children's book and being a physical adult I'm kind of past the age of being able to attend one of these events short of borrowing a kid.

Highly recommended.

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