Friday, April 17, 2020

CARMENTIS (2020) Tribeca 2020

On a far off planet a miner takes a bad fall. As the planet goes into eclipse with the planet temperature plummeting.  Can he get to safety in time?

Small gem of a film works because actor Ben Mortley sells our hero's pain and suffering. We click into the story because we feel his pain both physical and emotional. He is our focal point. This isn't to say that  Adriane Daff as the computer doesn't come into play, she does. She perfectly plays the helpful computer who changes as the situation get more dire.

This is a great looking film. While clearly a not a real location it is real enough that we feel his plight.

If there is any problem with the film it is only one that we see in retrospect in that how is it that he can contact his wife on another world but can't reach the mining base on the same planet?  While the devil is in the details the over all thrust and life or death struggle is what holds us.


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