Sunday, November 9, 2014

DOC NYC 2014 Starts Thursday

One of the truly great New York Film festivals starts Thursday.  Four years ago when Brian Geldin acted as a pusher and got me involved in covering DOC NYC ("come on try it-I won't tell") I never realized it was going to be the start of a grand romance.

No matter how you look at it DOC NYC is a great festival. They program the best documentaries out there and the present them in a way that is always a lot of fun. There are great guests. And best of all there are fantastic audiences-I love going to the public screenings and talking to everyone.

I've seen I don't know how many films already and I'm going to another 14 public screenings. Johns covering stuff, Huberts covering stuff and Dave is going to be my wingman at a few screening as well as going to some stuff of his own. There are rumors that  Chocko will be making a few appearances.

They are running 150+ films and we're going to make a run at reviewing a good number of them.

We've already reviewed several films that have played elsewhere Click on the links to be taken to out reviews:


And we've seen another twenty plus films. We've seen so many films that we'll be having multiple reviews everyday from tomorrow until the 23rd.

Since we've seen a large number of films you're probably wondering what the MUST SEE films are- Well I'll tell you-the films you should be getting tickets for are the following:

I AM BIG BIRD-If you know Big Bird and Oscar this is one of the most amazing, emotional films you'll ever see

THE SEVEN FIVE-one of the best of the best films of the year. Who needs a thriller to be fictional? I can't stop talking it up

MISS TIBET-about way more than a beauty pageant, with turns you won't see coming

CAIRO DRIVE-NYC driving is kids play compared to this. A must see on the big screen

HAPPY VALLEY-it's not what you think- its a brilliant look at how a town and a college reacts to a horrible event. It will give you so much to think about you'll need a second and third viewing

JINGLE BELL ROCKS-The great story of Christmas music and the people who love it. If you're one of them it's a must see.

OPPOSITE FIELD- Damn near perfect sports documentary will have you tearing up and cheering

LAST IMPRESARIO- The story of Michael White who shaped everything you you like to watch and listen to-you just don't know it. What a cool story.

LOVE AND TERROR ON THE HOWLING PLAINS OF NOWHERE-A way cool examination of life and how we view it via the examination of a death. Trust me, unless you've read the book, you have no idea what this is all about- which will make seeing this so much fun

THE WOUND AND THE GIFT- The final two segments of Linda Hoaglund's examination of the healing power of animals are as beautiful a thing as you will ever see on screen- especially on a BIG screen.

Are there any you should avoid? Come on this is DOC NYC, there are no truly bad films.

Go buy tickets

For tickets and more information go to the DOC NYC website.

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