Sunday, November 30, 2014

Revenge of Ivanhoe (1965)

Ivanhoe returns from the crusades to to rescue his betrothed, the Lady Rowena of Stratford. The evil Hastings family want to seize the Sratford fortune and and begin by kidnapping her. They then trick her brother into an ambush.  He is rescued by Ivanhoe. Through circumstances Ivanhoe joins up with the rebel forces fighting the forces of King John and the Hastings family.

Mid-level historical epic is full of knights in armor,a Robin Hood like merry band and romance and virtue. High art? No but extremely entertaining. This is exactly the sort of thing that I grew up watching on rainy Sundays or on the Late Late Show when I couldn't sleep. Its not deep just the right sort of distracting and bound to cause you to chomp down on tons of popcorn.

Many thanks to Sinister Cinema for putting this film out and preventing it from getting lost.

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