Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nightcap 11/9/14 Hubert read, NYC Horror Film Festival, Fund the Fringe, Randi's links

I was planning on holding off on a proper Nightcap but I’ve become flush with links so I’m posting one before we wade into DOC NYC, The South Asian International Film Festival and the holiday movie season.
Hubert read this week at Housing Works. He had four minutes to read a portion of his story about a Rube Goldberg machine contest. And the Unseen crew Mondo, Alec, Mr C and myself were there as well as the lovely Sotoko

Being a friend has nothing to do with my saying he was really good and one of the best at the event. What I liked was that when he took the stage, he took the stage. When he was up there you knew he was in charge and demanding your attention.  Most of the readers couldn’t hold the stage, Hubert did.

Actually outside of Michael Klein, who read several funny stories, another person who did a monolog about killing his grandfather and Hubert, the readers were a weak bunch. The poorness was the result of either the result of their material not working when read out loud (some stories shouldn’t be read out loud) or the person not being good public speakers (as in the case of one poet who ran all the lines together and spoke without inflection).

Not only did Hubert read but there was cake, cake is always good.
This week is the New York City Horror Film Festival.

I would love to get to it but I’m completely booked as are most of the Unseen crew However if you’re so inclined you should be taking a look at the schedule and diving into the horror.

For more tails and the schedule go to the NYC Horror Film Festival website.
New York City no longer helping fund the Fringe Festival.(Jerks)
They are doing a fund raising thing to help defray costs.
The info is here.
The next two weeks Unseen is going insane with multiple reviews every day of films from DOC NYC----But wait there’s more- on top of that we’ve got reports on New Releases-plus next week we’ll be hitting The South Asian International Film festival plus Lincoln Center’s Mountain film- plus…… other stuff

And as always we end with Randi's links

Can you get Ebola from a dead body?
The Oscar short list for Animated Short Film 
Tracing the origins of Winnie the Pooh
Richard Williams interviewed 
Are Dylan's Basement Tapes too revered
100 years of a camera that snapped the century
Films that Inspire Terry Gilliam
Why we're getting the 1966 Batman TV show now on DVD/Bluray
Inside East German Studios
The French say watching 3D movies is dangerous
The French have UFO hunters
Suicidal demon wand

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