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Nightcap 11/2/14 Hubert reads, a Robin Williams film may never get released, an apology and Randi's links

This is not Hubert but the man who created Godzilla
There is a lot of things going on this week, Gold Coast Film Festival is starting, The San Diego Film Festival starts this week, John Cleese is making appearances to hawk his latest effort to pay for a messy divorce .

However the most important thing happening is that our own Hubert Vigilla is going to be part of a reading at House Works Café on Thursday night. The reading is for the launch of NO TOKENS second Issue. Several writers whose work appear in the issue will be reading but the most important one is going to be Hubert. It’s a really good story about a man eating his house...

I’m going and I believe several other members of the Unseen Films family will be too. If it can be arranged we’re all going to be up on the balcony armed with confetti and streamers which will be launched when Hubert finishes his story. (Hubert asked for some tomatoes but that’s a bitch to clean off the books). If you want to see what the Unseen crew does when it isn’t watching movies come on down.

Actually if you’ve ever liked any of Hubert’s reviews come on down since his fiction is even better.

For details go to the Housing Works Café website here.
The Daily Mirror is reporting that one of the unreleased films starring Robin Williams, Boulevard, may forever stay unreleased. Apparently the producers can’t find anyone to pick it up and release it.

What a shame.

I mean that. What an absolute shame.

I saw the film, or a portion of it back when the film played Tribeca in April. I say I saw a portion of it because when I saw the film at the festival it was toward the end of a long day in the middle of the festival. I wasn’t clicking with the film, and I knew that rather than soldier on and force myself to see a film that was not going to get a fair shake I waked away. Robin Williams was turning in one hell of a performance and it needed to be experienced when I could really enjoy it.

I figured that I would catch up with the film down the road…apparently not.

The plot of Boulevard has Robin Williams playing a man who begins to deal with the fact that he is gay. The film follows what happens as the revelation is revealed to his wife , family and friends.

I’m not going to lie and say that what I saw of the film would have led me to think it was the greatest film ever made, on the other hand it was heartfelt and extremely well-acted. It’s a film that I liked enough to leave so that down the road I could give it a fair shake down the road. Its ultimately a film that deserves to be seen on its own terms- never mind that it’s one of the last roles of one of our great actors.

I have no idea what is going to happen down the road- but if you get a chance and want to see Robin Williams giving one hell of a performance in a drama give Boulevard a shot.

More on other Robin Williams unreleased films can be found here.

I should probably apologize to anyone who took offense at my piece on GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE. It was, admittedly, a bit mean.

While I would never really physically hurt anyone who actually likes the film, I do think “fans” of the film need to be severely shaken and yelled at. They also need to be taken out and made to watch things other than “art” films.

While I’m not going to beat anyone up, I do stand by the piece which expresses my hatred of the film.
Right now I'm in the final part of 48 hours of calm film wise-

As of right now I am caught up with any films that I've been sent to review- more or less. All of my DOC NYC stuff is done (that's about 29 films in the cue including old reviews).  All the new releases are done, so I'm taking a breather.

More is stuff is coming-I have four more press screening Tuesday, a Scary Movie doc Monday, The DOC NYC people said they'd send me some shorts to do, I'm waiting on the South Asian International Film Festival material to arrive, plus I have stuff for the Romanian series at Lincoln Center in December to do....but thats all in the future

Right now I'm off to watch some stuff for the hell of it before bed.

And as always Randi's Links

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This week more random films, more reposts of films we saw at festivals and a few new releases before we go crazy with two weeks of DOC NYC coverage--and hopefully stuff from The South Asian International Film Festival.

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