Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nightcap 11/23/14 Randi's Sunday Night Videos part 2 plus links

Still trying to decompress from DOC NYC and SAIFF while getting my head around the fact I said I'd cover the Romanian film series at Lincoln Center when I'm so tired so Randi has stepped in with more videos and links.

And some links
All artists steal
Scott Wantanabe Tumblr
The first Hasidic Western
The worst sex tips ever
Behind the scenes at Paramount Pictures
Neil Gaiman on The Bride of Frankenstein
On Disney Deaths
Salon's problems with INTERSTELLAR
The lost Sesame Street cartoon  The Crack Master
Facial Hair
High resolution images and doing animation
Hobbits and Hippies
On Kubrick
A 101 year old woman goes to the beach for the first time
A Last Lunch with Mike Nichols

This week we have Unseen's annual Thanksgiving Turkey  series where we look at really crappy films. Plus we have a look at some new releases as well.

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