Saturday, November 15, 2014

South Asian International Film Festival starts Tuesday

The South Asian International Film Festival, the last of my favorite film festivals of the year, starts Monday with the private dinner for the jurors. For the rest of us it starts on Tuesday with the premiere of X

I never really had interest in the festival other than the odd film until writer, director and all around good guy Ted Geoghagen told me I should be covering the festival and sent me some films. I was hooked. Every year since then I’ve made an effort to cover the festival always finding some truly special gems. The films, for good or bad, always were a revelation showing me things that I never considered or framed things I knew in a new way. If films festivals are supposed to broaden our cinematic horizons then this festival does it in spades.

This year I’ve got coverage of five films coming- and I can heartily recommend every one of them. I was hoping to do at least all eight features (I wanted to see the opening night film X) and some of the shorts but I had committed to some other things that are keeping me from wading into the trenches. Then again miracles sometimes happen.

Don’t let my inability to get down and dirty stop you from going, pick a film or three and go. Information on the films and tickets can be had at the SAIFF website.

Also look for reviews on the mornings og the 19th, 21st and 22nd

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