Saturday, September 17, 2022

All of our Heartbeats are Connected through Exploding Stars (2022) CIFF 2022


This is a look at several people and nature and how they recovered in the years after the 3/11 tsunami.

Low key meditative portrait of how humans and nature healed after the earth changing tsunami eleven years ago. We watch as several people go through their paces and discuss their loss and recovery. At the same time we are told of how the changes the wave brought  was slowly healed by nature.

This is a quiet little film focusing on the cycle of life. We come to understand how the massive sudden change altered their worlds and made it difficult to come back. We also see how  over time that happened.

We are also shown what happened in the wake of the wave of water. We see how the material it pulled out into the sea is still out there and how it is slowly making landfall at places like Hawaii.

If you're in the mood for a quiet meditation and life, change and healing this film is recommended.

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