Thursday, September 15, 2022

Gratitude Revealed (2022)

This is a look at how changing your attitude to gratitude and good thoughts will make not only your life but the world better.

I went into this film with the general thought that the last thing we need in the world is another namby pamby  goodie two shoes look at  how changing our way of viewing the world will make thigs better. I mean the world is fragmenting and everyone is ready to kill their neighbor. How can changing one’s mind help?

Apparently it can. I mean I came out of the film a great deal more hopeful then when I went in.

The film is a collection of portraits of various people who talk about how they changed their lives  by changing how they viewed the world.  We watch as a bunch of really nice people talk about how they made their lives better by trying to think and be better.

What can I say this film melted this curmudgeon’s heart. To be certain the film feels a bit too much as like a slick this is good for you doc, but once you get past the slick presentation and you just take the various people profiled on their on terms its really good. When you focus on people like Jack Kornfeld, Norman Lear or Michael Beckwith it’s less like teacher telling you what to do then a friend telling you what works for them to get them into a better place.

Worth a look

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