Wednesday, September 14, 2022

We Are Art: Through the Eyes of Annalaura(2022)

 Artist and director Annalaura di Luggo chronicles the creation of Colloculi, multi-media, interactive art installation constructed in the shape of an eye made of recycled materials  It chronicles the lives of four individuals  who are in the process of change. As he viewer interacts with the art they can find themselves inside the story.

Good portrait of the artist in the act of creation doc  could have used a bit of distance in the telling. As the film stands Annalaura the director is much to close to the artist with the result that the film doesn’t play a truly informational documentary but more as an hour long promo for the piece. The camera is almost always on the artist. She is almost always looking into the camera and not the people she is talking to making it every sequence is seem staged.  It’s not fatal  but it keeps us at arm’s length

If you are interested in the creative drive and how a work of art comes together give this film a try.

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