Friday, September 16, 2022

EVERYTHING WRONG AND NOWHERE TO GO (2022) Camden International Film Fest 2022

Director Sindha Agha is worried about how climate change is pushing us to extinction so she contacts a Climate Psychologist and begins having sessions to come to terms with the things she can't change.

Cinematic meditation on how climate change is making many of us nuts. The fear of not being able to either control what is happening or know what will happen is a real thing and there is a whole new track in mental health aimed at helping people. Agha uses her own fears to help everyone in the audience.

This nifty little film is going to be a god send for many. In its brief running time it lays out why we feel as we do and how we can deal with it. Sure it may not replace sessions with a professional but it at least can help us calm down a bit and realize we are neither alone nor crazy.

This is a super little film and is recommended.

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