Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Umbrella Men (2022) TIFF 2022

When his father dies suddenly prodigal son Jerome inherits his father's nightclub. Thinking he has a windfall he returns home only to discover his father is deeply in debt and the loan is now due in short time because the agreement has pay off option. Not sure of what to do and knowing that the money was used to keep his father's band (The umbrella Men of the title)  he is forced to consider other options -- like a robbery.

Charming beyond words heist comedy is really worth your time. This is the reason we need to have cinema from all over the world available to everyone. I say this because director and co writer John Barker have made a film that takes the well worn heist framework and dresses it up with delightful characters, magnificent music (by Kyle Shepherd and Loukmaan Adams).  Yea we've seen the plot before but we haven't seen it told like this, with these characters, and with such great music.

I smiled from start to finish.

I wanted to jump on a plane and go to Capetown so I can go meet these people.

What an absolute delight.

Highly recommended.

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