Monday, September 26, 2022

Antares Paradox (2022) Fantastic Fest 2022

A woman working on the Spanish version on SETI (the search or extraterrestrial life) discovers a possible signal at the same time all hell breaks loose around her.

This is not a science fiction film. Yes t has elements of it, but this is really a character study of one woman dealing with crisis from every corner all at the same time. 

While I really like THE ANTARES PARADOX, I really dislike the the plotting. There is too much going on - the project is going to be ending because of budget cuts, her life is a mess, there is a major storm hitting her location threatening to shut everything down, she needs  more time with a telescope when her discovery happens but she has to beg and plead to get more, her batteries are dying and on top of that her father is dying and she must decide whether to leave or stay. Its way way too much for a year of a soap opera never mind a 90 minute movie. 

Thankfully this is an excellent showcase for Andrea Trepet who holds the screen from start to finish as she has to deal with a series of life changing choices at a critical moment. We watch the film because we like her, even when we are groaning at the ever increasingly silly plot twists.

Worth a look for Andrea Trepet

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